1. One Stroke technique

Bangkok chicken with this stance known physical strong, burly chest, and shoulders and neck are not segmented. At the cockfighting arena, is often called the chicken or the granting of Thailand called mai li. The bettors rarely championed this type of chicken, because punches are issued only one by one. However, when the punch right on his opponent, the opponent will certainly be surprised and cornered. Stroke technique is commonly used at the front and at oblique.

2. Punch Techniques Series
Fighting style is characterized by a large punch punch series that came out quickly but sometimes less accurate. If the chickens come from the parent who had become the champion, the repercussions are very accurate so it will not take long to finish his opponents. Bangkok chicken with a fighting style like this usually have a very agile movement, and would rather hit his opponent from the front. The chicken in Thailand known as mai dien.

3. At Key Techniques
This fighting style as highly feared and very hard hit by the opponent being able to lock the movement of the head and neck of the opponent. The trick is to rest on the head and neck of the opponent so that the opponent having trouble finding the enemy’s head. In circles, this type of chicken called ngalungin. Oblique blows is the best weapon to hit back at opponents. If it was hit, the top of the neck and head of an opponent can be torn or swollen. In Thailand, fighting cocks this type is called mai rau.

4. Rear Punch Techniques
This cock fighting style is unique, because it likes to attack and hit his opponent from behind or known by the term ngonde. As well as very powerful and deadly, blow from behind is also difficult to anticipate the opponent. When fighting, the chicken will come and peck at the head of an opponent, then with a quick motion spun and pecks opponent’s head from behind. In Thailand, fighting cocks fighting style is called may deo.

5. Punch techniques teleh or Beard
Before asking pukulah teleh, chickens will play the head under the opponent’s neck. After that, under the chin of the opponent, he unleashed a very hard blow. The punch force is doubled because of attrition is preparing to make a stroke go with it so that the load is doubled. In Thailand, the chicken is called mai u.

6. Engineering Ngoyor
This type of fighting style is one of the worst, because the enemy can easily hit the head that often is under. However, if the position of the head is very low, the enemy will find it difficult to make a stroke. Chicken with this type of fighting style only has one weapon in the form of a punch. If you do not have a deadly blow, chicken in Thailand called mai do this day rarely desirable.

Sources: www.ayamjagoan.worpress.com

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