Can chicken as smart and sly Humans

Chicken is considered as being a fool. However, Australian scientists reveals the other side of this creature. Apparently, the chickens are intelligent creatures. Small brain can be as smart and sly human brain. A study conducted by Dr K-lynn Smith and Professor Chris Evans of Macquarie University illustrates that chickens are intelligent social creatures who can adapt their communication, depending on who he is ‘talking’. Dr Smith said the chickens who live in neighborhoods with competition for food, shelter, and pair of high – he could be sly man. “Chicken which could outsmart the other and more intelligent, it would be easy to get food, also a female,” said Smith as published in the Sydney Morning Herald website. “That’s what I mean by Machiavellian – use it to face your rival.” The study titled, “Chicken Sensation: Scientific Case for Improved Standards’, found that chickens can use sounds and gestures to convey information about their external environment. For example, when males find food, he can sound and perform a series of movements that another cock immediately thought, “Aha, the rooster was getting food.” So, for the females that they can go to get food chicken. Similarly rooster – can take the food and give it to another female. In the process of studying the chickens in a natural environment, Dr Smith and Professor Evans also developed a new testing facility that uses 3D animations to stimulate changes in behavior and appearance of animals – without the use of invasive procedures. The result, if one considers being the closest to the human intellect is an animal like a chimpanzee. “We found, in a complex society, you should be able to live together and compete with the others – this involves cognitive intelligence.” A rooster must compete with each other to win. “It tells a lot about the complexity of the cognitive buildings.” This research won the 2001 Voiceless Eureka Prize for scientific research categories that contribute to the protection of animals. This study considered worth winning because change human perception of chicken – the chicken that turned out smart beings. It is important to build consensus end of the chicken farm. Similarly, according to Director of the Australian Museum, Frank Howarth. Results of this study will be entered in a variety of international textbooks and has recently become part of the curriculum for students in the English medium.


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